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Destination Flights

Here is a small sampling of the "Destination Flights" that are part of the Advanced Navigator course. This is a very small sampling - just those few flights that we happen to have photographed and written about. Some are relatively short (like "I Fly for Pie"), other longer (like "Lillooet Splash").
There are litterally hundreds of other possibilities - and that's just owhen riginating from Greater Vancouver. Planning these is one of the things you'll learn in the Advanced Navigator course.
If the adventure you're looking for isn't here, let's talk. We're always open to new ideas.
You can explore some other Destination Flight ideas be looking through the Air Time Canada Blog Posts.
Adventure 100
Parksville/Qualicum Adventure
A day trip up the sunshine coast, across the Georgia Straight, and to the east-coast of Vancouver Island for a visit to BC's Best Beach.
Details ...
Adventure 101
Lillooet Splash
A scenic day trip via the Pemberton route to Lillooet for a picnic lunch and some splashing about in the Cayoosh Creek.
Details ...
Adventure 102
Sechelt Woods Hike
A short flight up the Sunshine Coast for a walk in an old-growth forest. This one is very much an all-season activity.
Details ...
Adventure 103
I Fly for Pie
Flying up the Fraser River to Chilliwack for their selection of fresh pies is known among local pilots as the "I Fly for Pie".
Details ...
Adventure 104
Sandpiper Resort
We land on a golf course, golf-cart to the restaurant, and stroll among eagles. All in beautiful Harrison Mills.
Details ...
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