Here are some aviation related sites you may find of interest. If you know of any sites we should add to this list, or if you discover a broken link, please Contact Us and let us know.
Sea to Shining Sea - An Epic Cross-Canada Flying Adventure in a Cessna 172
Follow Along with Janine and David as they take to the skies on an incredible cross-continent journey in a Cessna 172. Starting from the West Coast, they'll fly through the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, across the vast expanse of the prairies, and over the US border at the Great Lakes, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a special event. From there, they'll continue their adventure East, crossing the border back into Canada - exploring charming towns and breath-taking landscapes along the way through Quebec to the stunning Red-Sand coast of Prince Edward Island.
Historical Research and Development of Aviation
A quick and interesting recap of the history of aviation - from 400 BC to present-day.
The Plane Buzz - Air Time Canada's Official Blog Site
Blogs and Adventures from Air Time Canada. Airplane Camping, Travel Adventures, Aerial Sightseeing, and Interesting Events.
The Wandering Eye - Travel Coastal BC
Travel blog dedicated to sharing with you the coastal joys and rainforest secrets of Vancouver, British Columbia, while also inspiring and informing you about some amazing places abroad.
North Shore Writers' Association
The NSWA is a fellowship of writers who are at all stages in the writing journey, from novice to professional, published and unpublished. It is a registered non-profit organization association dedicated to nourishing the literary community through teaching and sharing skills.
The Plane Scoop
David's Flying Fun and Wisdom Blog-Site
How to Become a Pilot (in Canada)
A down-to-earth plane-English (pun intended) explaination of the steps involved in becoming a pilot.
History of Aviation
A very well-put-together guide to the history of aviation - from Chinese kites in 400 BC to the Wright Brothers in 1903. Worth checking out.
Travel Vancouver - The Wandering Eye
Here you’ll find useful information about the spectacular scenery located around Vancouver, from Pitt Lake—one of the world’s largest tidal lakes, located in a stunning glacial valley in the Coast Mountains—to the crashing waterfalls located in the 617 acres of rainforest park of Lynn Canyon… and all the places in between and beyond.
Aviation Jobs Worldwide
Jobs for pilots, flight attendants, ground crew and other aviation professionals worldwide.
BC Aviation Council
Council of various aviation organization in the Greater Vancouver Area.
BC Pilots Association
The goal of the BC Pilots Association is to get more pilots flying to more places and to bring BC pilots and flying groups together to advance and promote recreational aviation in British Columbia.
Aviation Scholarship Foundation
Scholorship Funds for underprivilaged kids. US Only.
EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association)
Very active in youth aviation, including the EAA 'First Flight' program.
Victoria Flying Club
A great place to learn how to fly in Victoria.
Canadian Museum of Flight
Check out the 'Aviator Kids' program and 'Aviation Art Gallery'.
BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
They have a top-notch aviation maintainance program.
Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB)
The old home-base of Air Time Canada and the current base of Professional Flight Center
Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK)
The current home-base of Air Time Canada
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Lots of interesting stuff including the "Kids Wing"
Cabair Promotion
Register your name in the free online draw and you and up to three friends will be entered into the ongoing free flight competition (based in England)