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Notice: Feb 2017
Due to a personal issue, the Air Time Canada Program is temporarily suspended until 2018. No more classes are scheduled for 2017.
Air Time Canada
Aviation Experiences that will inspire you, challenge you, and entertain you.
For everybody (aged 13+) with a taste for adventure, curious about aviation
and piloting, or just interest in learning something new and fun.
One of the best experiences of my life!
It has opened up a whole new world that I wasn't aware of!

Melissa E, Vancouver

Co-Pilot in a Day.
A fun-filled one-day class, followed by 2 free flights with you as Co-Pilot. There's group-work, games, outdoor exercises, a field trip (optional), and simulations. You’ll be up and moving, indoors and out, working in teams, in pairs, and individually, because the best co-pilots in the world are those who are grinning ear to ear.

Free (and nearly-free) Stuff.
From videos about learning to fly, to flight computers, flyouts with the dog, aviation-related links, and various presentations and information for Canadian Pilots.
Click the button below for more information.

Radio-License Course.
In this half-day course you'll learn radio safety, emergency communications, and practice with live aviation radio equipment. An Industry Canada examiner will then administer the written examination, and you will have earned an aviation radio license (an Official ROC-A issued by Industry Canada).
About Air Time Canada
We're a non-profit organization that delivers empowering and entertaining aviation-themed leadership programs on a cost-recovery basis. We've graduated over 1900 "Co-Pilots" over the last 20 years and facilitated almost 1500 free (optional) flights for teens and adults.
Spectacular Vancouver
In Greater Vancouver, we live in one of the most spectacularly beautiful places in the world. In this short video, David Black shares two of his favourite local flying destinations. Ride along and share the sights and experiences. Make sure your speakers are on.
Top Gun
Follow Jen K. from Vancouver as she conducts her first flight as "Co-Pilot". She does the radio work and has a blast of a time flying the plane. Want a taste of what your flight would be like? This fun "Top Gun" video will tell all.
The above videos will open in a separate window on the VeeCloud web-video site. They can be viewed in most browsers and almost all mobile devices.