Co-Pilot Program


You'll be inspired, challenged, and entertained while earning the much-sought-after Air Time Canada Co-Pilot's License. There's group-work, games, outdoor exercises, a field trip (optional), and simulations. You’ll be up and moving, indoors and out, working in teams, in pairs, and individually, because the best co-pilots in the world are those who are grinning ear to ear.
After the ground school you are eligible to (optionally) book a flight so you can try out your new skills in a real airplane.

I earn a Co-Pilot's License?

Yes, but it doesn't mean that you can then run out and get a job flying jets for Air Canada. It does mean, however, that you are eligible for a short Free Flight where you can put your co-pilot's license to use flying a plane, talking with air traffic control, and following airport and cockpit procedures.

A Free Flight? Tell me more.

Your co-pilot license will come with a "Coupon" that you can use to go on-line and book a flight with one of our volunteer pilots. These flights are typically 15 to 20 minutes and are paid for entirely by Air Time Canada and the volunteer pilots that run them.
The free flights are optional, of course. You are welcome to enjoy the Co-Pilot course and never go on the flight - but we highly recommend that you DO go flying.
One word of advice: the flights are very popular - so you need to be flexible with your schedule and take a slot when you see it.
Here is the link to a video of High-School Student Peyton on her 'Co-Pilot' Flight - her first time in an airplane. It's a great example of what you can expect. Keep in mind that everything you see here do, she learned in the course: Peyton's Air Time Canada Co-Pilot Flight

Is it safe?

We take Aviation Safety very seriously. Our volunteer pilots are well trained and regularly reviewed. All aircraft are certified and maintained to the highest standards. We operate with full support from Transport Canada Air Traffic Services.
However, if you split a gut from laughing too hard during the class .. well, you take your chances.

Can anyone participate?

We generally restrict the co-pilot program to those aged 13 or older. We offer different courses, conducted in a school setting, for those as young as 8.
Also keep in mind that we operate from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia - the Greater Vancouver area. Some classes are "on-line" - so you can do them from anywhere. For "in-person" classes, of course, you need to be here. For the flights - well ... you need to get yourself to one of our local airports.
Some Co-Pilot Classes are organized by specific groups and are not open to the general public.

What kind of aircraft do we fly?

It depends on which organization or pilot offers you your free flight. Most operate the ubiquitous Cessna 172 (also known as a Skyhawk).
It is a 4-place high-wing piston-powered aircraft with one of the best safety records of any civil aviation aircraft in the world.
It cruises at almost 200 KPH, at altitudes up to 4000 meters, and has a range (with reserves) of over 800 KM.

How much does it cost?

The course is free. That includes the classroom instruction, supplies, your "Co-Pilot Kit", and all taxes.
The flights, of course, are also free.
You will be reponsible for your own transportation costs to/from the class, meals, and any "destination" costs for your flight (ie: lunch at airport).
Note: Fuel, for the airplane, is included in the free flight - our pilots are not permitted to ask you to share in fuel costs.

When are the classes?

We hold 3 to 5 Co-Pilot classes per year. Sometimes they are announced only a few weeks in advance. They are almost exclusively in the Greater Vancouver area and In-Person at a local airport. Once in a while, there will be an On-Line class, via Zoom. You can see the currently posted schedule on the Class Calendar - but check back often to make sure you don't miss a fresh posting ... they fill up very quickly.

How do I sign up?

Registering for a Co-Pilot Class is a 3-step process:
  1. Register for an Air Time Canada Account (free & confidential - see the Privacy Policy)
  2. Contact Janine so that she can confirm you are qualified (‡) for a Class Coupon (example at right) - this contains a code you can use to register for a class
  3. Check the Class Calendar for an available class and book it using your Class Coupon.
Once registered, you will automatically receive email notifications when a new class or flight is posted to the schedule.
Click the button below for Step 1:

Qualified means that you haven't taken the class before, live close enought to actually get to the class, are old enough or have parent concent, etc.

I still have questions.

Contact Janine by email. She will be happy to answer your questions.