Pitt Meadows Airport (YPK)
Google Maps will get you to the airport, but it won't help you find us. Really!
So please read through and follow these instructions. Otherwise, you will very likely miss your flight.
Pitt Meadows Airport is a big place. There are 12 separate entrances which all go to different areas. Use Google Maps, or your car's navigation system, to get you to the RED Dot on the map below. Use the address: 18799 Airport Way, Pitt Meadows, BC. Once you get to the RED Dot, follow the map to the BLUE Dot. There you will find plenty of free parking.

Address of Red Dot: 18799 Airport Way, Pitt Meadows, BC
Once you park, go into the Main Terminal and call or text your pilot (exchange numbers before your flight). He or she will come and let you in Airside through the security door.

Meet your pilot inside the Main Terminal. Call or text your pilot when you arrive.