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The Magic & Adventure of Airplanes
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Elementary & High-School Offerings

For our in-school programs, we send a "guest teacher" into classrooms - using aviation-themed lessons to enforce topics in Maths, Sciences, or Leadership.
These sessions are available at no-cost to any school in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Outside of the Lower Mainland, travel expenses may be charged.
Other than the above, there is no cost to the teacher, school, or students. We provide the volunteer pilot-instructor, materials, props, handouts, and any "prizes" that can be won during the "games".
Below are some of the "example" sessions we've run in the past. If you don't find something that fits here, talk to us - we will customize programs to meet specific curriculam goals at almost any grade-level.
If you are interested in putting on any of these sessions in your classroom, or want to find out more, pleace contact Janine. You'll find all the contact information on the Contact Us page.
COVID 19 : Our instructors are still available to come into your classroom - depending, of course, on the policy at your school. We can also conduct some of the programs via video-conference or as "outdoor" sessions. We're quite flexible and willing to customize activities to meet your needs. Please Contact Us to discuss.

Cockpit Math 1
Grade 10 - Can be adapted to Grade 9 / Grade 11
One of the tools that pilots use in the cockpit is a small "circular" sliderule - called an E6B Flight Computer. These are used for a wide variety of in-flight computations including time/speed/distance, fuel burn & range, wind-correction, and much more.
We use these little circular sliderules as a way to enforce topics in Logarithms (logarithmic scales). We handout some 'E6B-Lite' flight-computer, teach the kids how to use them, and play some competitive games (for real prizes). The kids have fun while seeing a real-world application of some Grade 10 Math.
Cockpit Math 2
Grade 7 - Can be adopted to later grades (up to 10)
Navigating an airplane involves determining bearings. Pilots use an instrument called a "Douglas Protractor", which is essentially a standard 360-degree protractor (but square, not round).
For this session, our pilot-instructor will bring Douglas Protractors and Aviation Charts to the class and show the students how to determine basic navigation bearings. Then there is a competition (a game similar to Jeopardy) where students will measure angles and bearings in in order to win prizes. The kids have fun during a practical application of angles.
Wind Correction
Math / Science / Physics - adaptable to Grades 8 to 11
Compensating for wind while navigating an airplane is a routine part of a pilot's repertoire. In-Flight this is done either with a specialized "wheel" or using trigonometry (using charts or trig-tables).
This material can be presented by our instructor-pilot couched in terms of vector addition, trigonometry, matrix math, or physics problems. The way it's organized will be adapted to your class' grade-level and subject-matter.
As always, there is a competitive game to be played with prizes.
Careers in Aviation
Grades 10 to 12 - Careers
The world of aviation offers a huge variety of career choices that most people don't even know exist. In this 30 minute presentation, a pilot and air traffic controller will present and discuss a variety of aviation-related careers from pilots to air traffic controllers, to flight dispatches and "ramp rats", to avionics technitians and maintenance engineers, and much more. The pilot-instructor can talke about what these careers entail, what kind of education is required for each, salaries to expect, current and anticipated demand, etc.
The presentation is about 30 minutes. An additional 30 minutes can be scheduled for questions and answers.

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