Have a blast and turbo-charge your self-confidence with one of our fun, free aviation adventures.

Thousands of free flights in the Greater Vancouver area since 1999.
Co-Pilot Program
A fun, interactive, laugh-till-your-cheeks-hurt day in Ground School with activities, games, outdoor exercises, and group work. Then a short local flight putting your new-learned skills to the test as a member of the flight crew.
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Advanced Navigator
Did the Co-Pilot thing and want more? Then the "Advanced Navigator" class is for you. Another fun day in ground school where you learn advanced flight-deck skills and then a fancier destination flight as a member of the flight crew.
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For distinguised grads of the "Navigator" program: It's an all-day (or even overight) adventure you will never forget. Destinations like Pemberton, Lillooet, Vancouver Island, and more. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people.
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Serendipity Flight
A short local sight-seeing adventure. Lots of fun for you and a friend. No "ground school" required. You'll just have to get your hands on an Air Time Canada Serendipity Coupon.
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Programs are paid for by the Air Time Canada Foundation and the volunteer pilots that operate the flights.
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We're a non-profit organization that delivers entertaining aviation-themed programs. Flight activites are funded entirely by volunteer pilots. Air Time Canada has been operating in the Vancouver / Lower-Mainland area for almost 30 years.
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