Lectures & Presentations
These presentation are appropriate for pilot and non-pilot audiences alike. Your group will find them educational, inspirational and entertaining. They are presented by David Black (founder of Air Time Canada) and/or his wife Janine. And, of course, they are free.
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Tales from the Tower
Humorous stories from the control tower, area control center, and cockpit over the last 35 years.
Learn about the Purple Chicken of Boundary Bay Tower.
Find out how David accidentally highjacked a Boeing 767 while working at Vancouver Tower.
Discover how “Mr Naked-in-Vegas” was born during the 99ners annual conference in Bozeman Montana.
Uncover the two classic Rod Machado jokes that are actually based on events at Pitt Meadows and Abbotsford.
About 35 years ago, despite getting lost on his second solo (in the pattern at CYPK), David Black became a pilot. A few years after that, he went off to the Transport Canada Training Institute (TCTI – pronounced Tick-Tee) in Cornwall Ontario to become an Air Traffic Controller. Then, five years further along, David started the Air Time Canada Youth Aviation program – and has introduced almost 2000 people to aviation through their first flights. During all these years, David has amassed a few interesting and a few very funny stories about aviation, air traffic control, and trying to teach flying to teen-aged boys.
The Tent, The Plane, & The Dog
A grand aeroplane adventure through Washington and Oregon.
We found Sand Dunes on the beach and encountered wild coyotes on the coast. We waded in the Skagit river and woke up on a clear morning surrounded by hot-air balloons. We almost slept in a DC4 owned by a Hollywood producer and we almost violated area P51.
It was a 10 day trip in a Cessna 172 exploring 17 unique airports in Washington and Oregon state. Sometimes we camped. Sometimes we stayed at a hotel. Along the way we found some great walks, lots of unforgettable scenery, and discovered some exotic aviation history.
This presentation will show some great pictures, give the low-down on some of these priceless out-of-the way airports, and explain the ins and outs of organizing your own flying adventure.
It doesn’t matter if you have 1 day or 20 days – there are unforgettable flying adventures to be had. Come and be inspired.
Single-Pilot CRM
Managing a Crew-of-One – The Fixation Trap
Back in 1981 United Airlines introduced the idea of Crew-Resource-Management as the first step in going beyond stick-and-rudder skills in training safer pilots. CRM has come a long way since those early days and is often cited as the single-most important contributing factor in today’s great airline safety record.
The principals of CRM are focused around managing the interactions in a multi-crew environment. But how about a single-pilot scenario? This case is often referred to as SRM (Single-Pilot Resource Management) – and focuses on human factors more appropriate to the single-pilot case: less about how we interact with other pilots, and more about how we interact with ourselves.
This presentation introduces the concept of CRM & SRM, then explores one particular SRM Human Factors issue, the Fixation Trap, in more detail. Most pilots find the presentation enlightening and entertaining.