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We're a non-profit organization that delivers entertaining aviation-themed programs, has graduated over 2000 "Co-Pilots" over the last 20+ years, and has facilitated over 1500 free flights.

5 Completely-Free Programs
Start with our fun laugh-till-your-cheeks-hurt ground school and work your way through free flights and more free classes. These award-wining programs aren't just great fun - they will also turbo-boost your confidence and self-esteem.
Step 1 - Earn your Co-Pilot License
A fun, interactive, day in Ground School with activities, games, outdoor exercises, and group work. Makes you eligible for a Co-Pilot Flight.
Step 2 - Fly an Airplane
A short local flight where you can put your co-pilot's license to use flying a plane, talking with air traffic control, and following airport and cockpit procedures.
Step 3 - Earn your Airside Badge
Another fun and interactive ground school. Topics include advanced radio communications, ground operations and navigation. Makes you eligible for a Destination Flight.
Step 4 - Fly Somewhere New
It's a 2-way flight with a short stop at the destination. You'll fly in one direction, and navigate in the other. Makes you eligible for a Superflight.
Step 5 - Superflight
It's an all-day (or even overight) adventure you will never forget. Destinations like Pemberton, Lillooet, Vancouver Island, and more. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people.
Free? Yes, really! Our organization and the volunteer pilots that conduct your flights pay for all classroom and flight-related expenses (including fuel). The only cost to you is to get yourself to/from the class and flights and your personal meals and lodging (as applicable).
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Elementary & High-School Offerings:
Gamified aviation-themed classroom sessions supporting various math and science topics.
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Lectures & Presentations:
Educational, inspirational, or just entertaining presentations for pilots and non-pilots.
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Stories and Pictures of adventures and superflights.
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See what past-grads have had to say about our programs.
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We're a non-profit organization that delivers entertaining aviation-themed programs. We've graduated over 2000 "Co-Pilots" over the last 20+ years and facilitated more than 1500 free flights.
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