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Flight Registry
How it Works
Air Time Canada is not a flying school or commercial air operator.
We are a non-profit organization that offers fun classroom experiences on a cost-recovery basis.
Flying activities are offered free-of-charge and are paid for entirely by volunteer pilots and non-profit organizations.
This 'registry' matches Air Time Canada grads with the pilots and organizations that offer the free flights.
The flights are usually around 30 minutes long and are typically offered in "pairs": you and a flight partner fly to another airport, then you change seats and fly back to the point of origin.
The flights are not conducted on the same day as the classroom activities. After the classroom session, you will be able to place your name on the Flight Registry. At this time you will specify your availability. The registry will cross reference your availability with that of aircraft and volunteer pilots, who will then contact you directly to make arrangements. We cannot guarantee how quickly your name will come up - especially considering how often Vancouver weather results in rescheduling. But if you're patient, and willing to be flexible with your schedule, you will get your chance at the controls.
The registry operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
The free flights are optional, of course. Air Time Canada events are fun and valuable even without the flights. However: participating in the flights is a definite plus and we encourage you to go for it.
Please note that Transport Canada regulations require that a weight & balance calculation be done for every flight. This is not only a legal issue, but a critical flight-safety issue - as the weight carrying capacity of light aircraft is limited. For this reason, the flight registry will ask you for your current weight - and this will be used as one of the criteria when matching you with a plane, pilot, and flight-partner. Please also note that we cannot guarantee that you will fly with your flight-partner-of-choice, unless your combined weight is 350 pounds or less.
Join the Flight Registry
If you did not receive your Registry Token after class (via email) please Contact Us.
Flight Registry Token