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Pilot Resources
How to become a pilot in Canada
A down-to-earth plane-English (pun intended) explaination of the steps involved in becoming a pilot. http://airtimecanada.org/bap/
Airport trails, dog-walks,
under-wing camping

A guide to on-airport (or nearby) trails and dog walks for those pilots that fly to hike or camp (with or without Fido). http://www.airtimecanada.org/doggone/
eAPIS Checklist &
Timing Generator

Generates a handy checklist for all the eAPIS and Cross-Border Required Activities - based on your own flight plan data. Very useful. http://senseimastery.com/eapis/
Using an Aircraft Radio
An 80-second video-clip that explains how to operate a typical general-aviation Aircraft Radio. http://www.airfun.org/secret/radio.wmv
Operating a Transponder
A 2-minute video clip demonstrates the controls of a typical aviation transponder. Highly recommended that you look at this video before going on your flights. http://airfun.org/secret/transponder.wmv
Paul Harris Explains Stalls
This Video Presentation explains the aerodynamics of a 'Stall'. It is hosted by Paul Harris, who is a CFI (Chief Flight Instructor) and Transport-Canada Designated Flight Examiner. Paul Harris Explains Stalls
Canadian Pilot's Guide
to Flying in the USA

1 HR Presentation: Flying in the USA. From eAPIS procedures, to handling MOAs, US flight planning, radio procedures, and even fun destinations to visit. Presented by Award Winning speaker, David Black. davidblack@airfun.org