November 30, 2019
Clips and Pics - Pitt Meadows to Sechelt

A cold-winter-day flight from Pitt Meadows to Sechelt, followed by a walk through some old-growth woods.
Click any picture on the map to see the a short video-clip from that location.


At Sechelt we went for a walk along one of the spectacular old-growth forest trails and down to the almost-frozen creek.

The main trail is well maintained with nice wooden bridges over the muddy parts. We saw a sign warning of Cougars in the area.

Don't know how these mushrooms survive the cold. It was around -5 Deg C. Wonder if they are edible?

The "Tree of Life"? Mostly just an accident of nature. :-)

As you can see from the hanging icicles, the stream was a bit on the cold side.